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we are one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of RECLAIMING AGENT (DI-XYLENE DI-SULPHIDE), it is used as a chemical catalyst in the process of making reclaim rubber. Our Reclaiming Agent (Di-Xylene Di-Sulphide) is not like the ordinary Reclaiming Agent or peptiser which are a bi-product of petroleum refining process, instead our Reclaiming Agent (Di-Xylene Di-Sulphide) is a specially made chemical, which is obtained after proper reactions with the sulphur & other solvents.

APPLICATION: Used as a catalyst in Reclaim Rubber manufacturing.

Reclaiming Agent ( Di-Xylene Di-Sulphide )



BENEFITS: The use of our Reclaiming Agent (Di-xylene Di-Sulphide) reduces the autoclave timing to a large extent that too at lower temparature & pressure, which in turn reduces the power consuption, saves fuel intake, reduces process timing, improves efficiency of the rubber reclaiming plant, improves the quality of resultant Reclaim Rubber, Risk of hardening is reduces & further more benefits.